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"Newsbits" is the Society's Central Coast Group Newsletter modified to suit our website.        



  ~ Welcome to  2011-2012 Newsbits Editions ~

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     Melaleuca quinquenerva

   Newsletters on paper bark, of course.


 Katandra ReserveKatandra Forest.jpg (21561 bytes)

  The Katandra Reserve Bushcare group has been engaged in experiments with Long-Stem Tube Stock.

We are currently working on a most comprehensive report which is featured as a separate study on this website.  Visit the Katandra pages.


                                                                                                                Gully Forest ~ Katandra

   Members of our group have been advisers to the Rumbalara E.E.C. for the compilation  of their Nature Diary.  To look at the resulting list of plants see the "Plants List" on this website.


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