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Click blue arrow to see a new spectacular non-local bushwalk in Northern NSW   South West Rocks


The following 11 local walks numbered on the map have been selected for their variety, beautiful habitats and to introduce you to the plant communities typical of this region.

They are all easy to access and most can be completed in 4 hours or less, but remember to take a map, some water, a hat, sunscreen and to wear suitable walking shoes or boots.

In the ‘Expect to See’ section featured in each map we have listed some of the most eye-catching flowers, but they are but a small sample of what an observant visitor will see. We have about 2000 native plant species growing in the Central Coast.


For maps, details and the 'Expect to See' section on each bushwalk,  click the map number shown in red or click the light blue bushwalk titles below.

  1 Wybung Head & Grass Tree Trail

  2 Red Gum,  Burrawang & Lillipily Loop Trails

  3 The Mooney Nature Walk

  4 Mt Wondabyne Circuit

  5 Thommo's Loop

  6 Yanina Walk

  7 Maitland Bay Car Park to Bullimah Lookout

  8 Bombi Moors

  9 The Boulders

10 Patonga to Pearl Beach

11 Crackneck Lookout

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Information by Isabel