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Our Central Coast group of the Australian Plants Society, in conjunction with Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council, have produced a colour brochure on growing Australian native plants.  Included in this brochure is a list of plants suitable for Central Coast gardens. This brochure is available from Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council.

However, we have also produced facts sheets on a range of gardening topics which are available right here.   Just click on the Fact Sheet of your choice.


Fact Sheet 1 "Getting Started"

Plan your garden and get the basics right.

Fact Sheet 2 "Central Coast Plants for the Gardens"

Some suggested local trees, shrubs and ground covers to plant in your garden.

Fact Sheet 3 "Attracting wildlife to your Garden"

Did you know that the shape of a bird's beak is a good indication of the type of food it eats?  An extensive list of bird attracting plants, indication of flowering times and recommended planting position is available.

Fact Sheet 4 "Coastal Plants"

Suitable plants for you seaside garden.

Fact Sheet 5 "Australian Plants for fire Prone Central Coast Gardens"

Some helpful hints to make your property safer.

Fact Sheet 6 "Container Plants"

Are you interested in growing Australian native plants in containers?  Here we have some tips for your success and suggestions of reliable plants to grow,

Fact Sheet 7 "Ferns for Central Coast Gardens"

Ferns can add a lush beauty to your garden.  An introduction to some of the local ferns with growing notes.

Fact Sheet 8 "Acacias for Central Coast Gardens"

When we think of Acacias or wattles we picture golden or cream flowers.  Did you know there is a Queensland wattle that produces purple flowers?  Learn how to grow Acacias from seed.

Fact Sheet 9 "Orchids for Central Coast Gardens"

Helpful hints on growing orchids with some easy to grow local orchids suggested for your garden.

Fact Sheet 10 "Drain Cloggers"

Native plants to avoid planting near drains, pipes or concrete paths.

Fact Sheet 11 "Controlling Camphor Laurels"

Camphor Laurels trees are causing serious problems in our bushland, rural areas, waterways & urban areas.

Fact Sheet 12 "Trees Suitable for the Central Coast"

Points to consider when selecting a tree to plant in your garden

Fact Sheet 13 "Cottage Gardening with Australian Native Plants"

My favourite because I have a small garden!

Fact Sheet 14 "Rainforest Plants"

There's an increased awareness of the beauty of Australian Rainforest PlantsSee which plants from the rainforest can provide your garden with colourful fruit, flowers and leaves.

Fact Sheet 15 "Seed Propagation"

Helpful hints on how to grow new plants from seed.

Fact Sheet 16 "Propagation Using Cuttings"

 Plants grown from cuttings will be identical to the parent plant.

Fact Sheet 17 "Propagation using Division"

Division is one of the simplest ways of increasing plant numbers.

Fact Sheet 18 "Australian Grasses, Sedges & Rushes"

These plants have become increasingly popular in landscaping adding beauty, form, colour and texture variations to the garden

Fact Sheet 19 "Australian Plants for Sandy Soils"

Some suggestions of suitable plants to grow.  How to improve soils.  Problem with water repellent soils.

Fact Sheet 20 "Australian Plants for Clay Soils"

Many gardeners regard clay soils with disdain, however clay soils are usually rich in nutrients.

Fact Sheet 21 "Banksias for Your Garden"

Banksias are some of the most spectacular flowering Australian plants.

Fact Sheet 22 "We are working on it"
Fact Sheet 23 "Australian Daisies"

Daisies look best when planted in groups or drifts in the garden, creating a sea of colour.

Fact Sheet 24 "We are working on it.
Fact Sheet 25 "Grevilleas for Central Coast Gardens"

Grevilleas are one of the most commonly grown Australian Native plants in our gardens today.

Fact Sheet 26 "We are working on it.
Fact Sheet 27 "We are working on it.
Fact Sheet 28 "Long Stem Planting"

Long Stem tube stock is an exciting and innovative method of planting.



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