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Australian Plants Society
Central Coast Group

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    Q1   Where in Australia?

    A1   In New South Wales N.S.W.                                   Q2   Where in N.S.W.?

                                                                                           A2   Central Coast of NSW
                                                                                                   is 50 km north of Sydney




Q3   Where on the Central Coast?

A3     Note the Red Cross on the map below.










This is where we have have our meetings on the second Friday of each month. 

We have a 7.30pm start for an 8.00pm meeting.

All Welcome! 

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Members of the
Australian Plants Society, Central Coast Group
work with Local Council  as part of 'Bushcare'
to maintain  Katandra Reserve.

The 'P' on the Katandra Map
indicates the Parking area
near Seymour Pond
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Reflections on Seymour Pond
 at Katandra